Youth In Service Program

Children from the Shadow Ranch After School Program may choose to participate in our classes teaching about various disabilities in a fun, interactive manner. Students learn of our human differences as well as how we are so much alike. For the first time for many, they are able to empathize with others. They then enter our Pet Partner program to learn how to bring those with special needs together with the healing effect of animals and children. Successful completion of these programs earns the student their Pet Partner polo shirt and the opportunity to volunteer with the animal handlers.

One opportunity is to work with Occupational Therapy and the long term care patients at Kona Hospital. This dynamic Pet Partner Program is where our children make their special “heart-to-heart” connection. Interaction between our at-risk children, the elderly in our community and our animals continually amazes us with the positive impact it makes on all lives involved.

Graduates of our Pet Partner program also have the option to work with our Critter Corral educational program as well as our Kulia Project Animal Fostering Club.

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